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The Language of Art is Still Defined by Men 
The Brooklyn Rail (September, 2014)

Gender roles are ingrained in all of us. From the time we are born we are all "stamped" by our sex. Thousands of years of oppression will not change easily or quickly. Sometimes we lose perspective and expect change now...

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Introduction: With One Eye Open (and One Eye Closed)
Excerpt from Spirit Taking Form: Art Making as a Spiritual Practice (2002)

Now available from your bookstore or from Red Wheel/Wesier Books at 1.207.363.4393


Visual art, such as painting and sculpture, has its own kind of language. It reaches us in a way that words cannot, for words cannot be literally translated into visual form. Art is not only the pictorial description of something beautiful. As defined in this book, art is a visual description in a language of shape, color and form, presenting the viewer with a dialogue different from that found in words. It is a graphic manifestation of the way we think and feel.

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Excerpt from In Pursuit of the Divine
Painting, Sculpture, and the Spiritual Dimension: The Kingston and Winchester Papers (2003)

Newton & Taylor, co-editors
Published by Oneiros


For as long as I remember, I have been looking for a way to give shape and form to spirit, a way to touch the nature of the divine. As a child, I would spend many silent hours in my grandfather's garden lying on the earth and looking at the flowers and plants. I would watch the shadows of the trees move and change on the lawn, observe a baby bird learn to fly and sometimes I thought I could see a flower open. In those moments I began to confirm my suspicion that there was something beyond that which I could see, and although invisible and intangible, I could sense that unseen presence, know somehow that it was connected to the place of spirit and the divine in me.

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Excerpt from Working with the Light: Women of Vision (1995)
Azara & Green, co-authors/editors
Published by The Haworth Press

My Sculpture is made of wood carved from trees. The carved wood is found on the streets of New York City, the beaches of the Dominican Republic, the shores of Northern Minnesota, and other places. It is often assembled, several pieces put together to make the whole. It is painted, colored, often with handmade paint and gold leaf which dresses and clothes the wood, so to speak, so that the actual forms begin to develop the presence of being and of garments.

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Beyond, Beyond, Beyond Where the Wisdom Is . . .
in Stone Voices (2012)
Summer 2012, Issue No. 4

Beyond, beyond, beyond where the wisdom is" . . . from the Buddhist heart sutra called "The Heart of Transcendent knowledge," most aptly describes my apprach to artmaking. These scroll-like collages are "thought coverings," images on the page that are held for a moment as they proceed to move across the mind as I record an impression, capture a moment in time, so that the viewer can epxerience an immediacy from it.

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